Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Break from Social Media--- 2 Weeks for Sure!

That's right I'm leaving behind the world of tweeting, pinning, and status updates for a whole 2 weeks.

I need to separate myself from the internet and focus on my writing. No more late nights spent pouring over pictures of cute animals, taking quizzes instead of putting down words, or relegating in the latest wild mess to up heave the writing/author world.

In the meantime I'm putting my editing cap on and in overdrive. It's time to wrap up a project and begin another one.

If I owe you a guest post or anything blog related rest assured I'll still have posts scheduled to occur.

If you need to reach me email is your best shot and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

Until then: see you after hiatus.

Monday, April 21, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY- Strings by Kendall Grey

Today is a special day. Kendall Grey's Rock Erotic Romance Strings celebrates it's 1 year birthday!

You read the message right. Today only get each book in the series for $0.99. This is so worth your pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. I loved this series and Grey has a way with swear words and kinky terms. If you want to experience the craziest sex you'll ever read on a page or the most emotional come to moments, you can't go wrong with Strings, Beats or Nocturnes.

Linkage below:

Strings on: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, Kobo, Smashwords

Beats on: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, Kobo

Nocturnes on: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, Kobo

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cover Reveal: A Different Class by Leigh Ellwood

Another cover reveal for an upcoming 1Night Stand from Decadent Publishing. It's definitely hot!

Not everybody is looking forward to the FDR High Class of 2004 reunion. A courtesy call to a disgruntled alum leaves Glenn Carson shaken and saddened that anybody would let old memories fester into anger. He hopes to ease the frustration of planning the reunion with a relaxing and passionate 1 Night Stand.

Known as “Mumbles” to former classmates, Rod Maloney would prefer to focus on the present, and his successful business. Past tragedies continue to haunt him, however, and he wants Madame Eve to find him a man to show him a hot time and help him forget his troubles.

He doesn’t expect, in a way, he’s going to a reunion after all.

To learn more about this book and her other work visit Leigh at: 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Author Love: Jackie Barbosa

You may think I'm exaggerating, but let me make it perfectly clear Jackie Barbosa is the Queen of Spice. The reasons are simple, her books are so hot she has multiple reviews from readers claiming 'it's too much'. That means I need to buy every book. Right. Now. Because I love the 'it's-too-hot-to-handle' challenge.

I've purchase a couple of Barbosa's works from the self-published historical erotic read The Lesson Plan to her delicious, oh-too-spicy, threesome from Spice Briefs Grace Under Fire.

She's got talent, a flair for dialogue, and a good way of delivering characters you can love. Barbosa also produces a ton of quick reads, which appeal to me because for some reason I'm on a short story and novella kick.

One of her self-published series is contemporary and definitely perked me interest. Called the Gospel of Love series, three books are currently available, the stories revolve around four brothers seeking their HEA. Though I don't think any of them are get what they are expecting. I'm diving into this series headfirst, starting next week. It's part of my April reads for sure.

Outside of her books, Jackie and her family recently experienced a loss that I'd never wish upon anyone. Their son Julian, known as Alpha to the social media world, was taken from this world via a car accident. At this time the amazing Beverley Kendall has established a memorial fund operating in his honor and you can find more info about it here.

While we mourn for the loss of Alpha and honor his memory please consider supporting Jackie in the way readers and writers can, through loving her words and supporting her in this trying time.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Top 5 Live Bands via Catherine Peace #ReleaseDay #Giveaway

This book is hawt, hawt, hawt! I won't say more then that because I could easily wax poetic about Cate's writing prowess and talents. For me this 1NS hits a lot of awesome spots for me.

What's Complete Me about? .
Best-selling romance author Claire Ergleston confines her passions to the pages of her books. When she receives a 1Night Stand date ‘to give her something to talk about in interviews,’ can she let herself be swept away?
A rock star who needs to let go….
The past has a chokehold on former rock star Ty Krause. Instead of killer tunes, he kills time writing passable songs for a British boy band and his nights wishing he had the balls to say goodbye. In a last ditch effort, he signs up for 1Night Stand, thinking that a night of no-strings-attached sex will help him break the leash of his past.

From the moment Claire and Ty meet, sparks fly—but can they overcome their pasts or will their potential love story end on a sour note? 

This book is all about the music and I'm a music lover something fierce. I'm rocking a few tunes from The Script right now. So I've asked the lovely Cate if she can some of her favorite live bands. Here's her top 5! 

Music lover that I am, I try to go to concerts whenever possible, and there are a few bands that always catch my eye when they’re anywhere near me. There’s something about being with a crowd, singing/shouting/screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs. Here the top five that I always catch whenever they’re nearby.
Chicago – I’d be remiss if I didn’t see Chicago any and every time I could, especially since so much of Complete Me revolves around the band. Definitely one of the best shows you can see.

Deftones—A bit different from Chicago, but one of my all-time favorites. Chino’s voice can be magical.

Motley Crue—Learning that one of the best rock bands of all time is retiring has broken my heart, but I’ve seen them twice and will see them again in October on their farewell tour. If you can catch them, GO.

Earth, Wind, and Fire—This is easily one of my favorite plans to see live. Every time, it’s a party. Vibrant, fun, amazing, and always well worth it.


Avenged Sevenfold—I saw them for the first time last year, and I will try to go every time they’re remotely nearby. It’s 1 part M. Shadows’ Texas and 1 part the unbelievably awesome crowd participation.

Now that you've properly been introduced to copious amounts of good music you need to enter Cate's giveaway. To celebrate her newest release, Complete Me, she's got a Music Lover's Giveaway—$25 iTunes gift card, a free copy of the book, and a Complete Me-inspired t-shirt of your choice! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Spotlight #New Release + Giveaway: Midwife to Destiny by Nana Prah

I'm so excited to have Nana Prah on my site today. I love stories set in other countries, and this one is definitely worth a read. Usually, I'm all about the hot and sexy, but a sweet romance is a perfect escape from my usual reads.

Want to know more?

Ghanaian nurse Aurora ‘Ora’ Aikins never expected to find the love of her life while on vacation in South Africa. Engaged to another and believing that love has no place in her life, she returns to Ghana, and puts duty and honor first.

Three years later, Dr. Jason Lartey still can’t get Ora out of his mind or his heart. After learning she never married, he takes a risk and moves to Ghana hoping to rekindle what they started. His sudden appearance in Ora’s Emergency Department sends sparks flying all over again.

They’re in the same country, working in the same hospital, and together but distance creeps between them. Can they make their destined love one for the ages?  

Where can you get a copy? 

Who is the fabulous Nana Prah? 
Nana Prah was born in Ghana, West Africa, raised in the US and currently resides in Ghana where she loves her job as a writer and nurse educator. She has been writing since she can remember (in her journal) and has been an avid reader of romance novels since the eighth grade. She has finally been able to utilize the years and years of inadvertent research into writing her own romance novels where love always conquers all.

As a special treat Nana is giving commenters a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And the winners are...

*Picture Courtsey of freedigitalphotos.net
Alright, after assembling all the entries on both sites a couple of things happened.

First, I wanted everyone to win because that's the kind of gal I am. I like winning and I know how everyone enjoys winning.So, that being said all 16 entries win a free copy of my book. Since I'm the one running the giveaway I can do those kind of things.

Second, the grand prize winners were: Jenni T. and Shadowluvs2read. I will be sending out your Pure Romance gift cards tonight.

For all winners: Please reach out to me and let me know which ereader format you'd like a copy of my book.

Thank you again to everyone who stopped by the blogs, said 'hi', and to those who bought my book. I appreciate all of you. Now the big favor: If you purchase my book please consider leaving a review. I'd love to know what you think.